Lauren Buckby - Conveyancing Manager

Lauren is the Conveyancing Manager at Woods Prince Lawyers. She is organised, efficient and punctual, as a good conveyancer should be, but as so few actually are.

Lauren is energetic and enthusiastic. She dances about the office, spontaneously breaking into song and filling the air with joy, like a Julie Andrews' movie, only with lawyers.

Lauren is in love with New Farm and shoes, and in particular shoes that are sold in New Farm. She plays netball, but still has both her knees. She may one day acquire a law degree of her very own, but in doing so would threaten to make the rest of the office redundant.

For the Record

  • Bachelor of Business - Queensland University of Technology
  • Commissioner for Declarations

Professional Experience

  • Residential Conveyancing
  • Commercial Conveyancing
  • Property Transactions
  • Business Sales and Acquisitions
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