Meg Murray - Solicitor

Meg recently usurped Aston's position as youngest of the commercial team, but the website budget doesn't stretch to updating his profile so you have to read about it here.

We keep Meg chained to her desk. It's not that she would seek to evade the inexorable creep of the teetering mountain of documents that threatens to crush her at any moment. On the contrary! She embraces document related danger, but we have a duty of care for the entire office. Left untethered, the asthmatic breeze afforded by the air-conditioning would toss her about like a razor-sharp clavicle-edged shuriken in a tsunami.

When she isn't endangering her fellow employees and low-flying aircraft, Meg likes to add to her remarkable collection of things-in-Meg's-handbag, a collection which so far encompasses everything in the known universe, a Tardisian feat impossible to emulate by the obvious paradox of even trying. Yes, that sentence made sense, and yes, Tardisian is a real word. I know, because I just made it up.

For the Record

  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - Queensland University of Technology

Professional Experience

  • Commercial Law
  • Property
  • Intellectual Property
  • Wills and Estates
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