Angela Ryan - Solicitor

Angela runs the firm's property division, focusing on, well, property. Residential, commercial, business sales, strata title, etcetera.

Angela started working with David Prince in the Pleistocene era as a temporary gig while she waited for her Disney-princess-on-ice career to explode. She found herself becoming engrossed in the intricacies of property law, and her dreams of dancing over frozen ponds (in Brisbane) with blades on her feet and a tiara upon her brow, evaporated like a frozen pond in Brisbane.

As something of an O.G. Locke fan, Angela believes that property is an inalienable right, provided you can pay for it. She personally owns three children, which is why she goes camping instead of staying in nice hotels with running water and day-spas.

For the Record

  • Bachelor of Laws - University of Southern Queensland

Professional Experience

  • Property Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial and Industrial Leasing
  • Succession Planning and Estates
  • Wills and Estates
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