David Pattearson - Associate Director

David is a recent addition to the leadership team of Woods Prince Lawyers. He is an experienced commercial litigator, a gentleman, and a scholar. At least one of those things.

David is a black-letter lawyer, one of those nerds who stays up all night reading legislation when he's not staying up all night spawn-camping Battlefield noobs.

Court is not all about winning for David - it's also about his opponents losing.

When not litigating, David enjoys litigation, cage-fighting and litigation. He also likes soccer as much as Aston, but has the good sense to acknowledge that he's too old to play it. His remaining knee thanks him for it, just like I'm sure David will thank me for calling it soccer.

He answers to Dave, David, not-that-David-the-other-David, and the ginger one.

For the Record

  • Bachelor of Laws - Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) - Queensland University of Technology

Professional Experience

  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Professional Indemnity Disputes
  • Life and Income Protection Insurance
  • Superannuation Law
  • Wills and Estate Litigation
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