Matt Woods - Director

Matt is a founding director of Woods Prince Lawyers. He's the cheerful one, the modest one, the socially conscious altruist on the board of both Prisoners' Legal Service and Caxton Legal Centre, but everyone likes him anyway. He is a litigator, both criminal and commercial, a man of much repute in court, again despite his rampant congeniality, and an experienced commercial and property lawyer.

If they gave out awards for tidy desks, then Matt would not only fail to win, he would fail to get nominated, and in all likelihood be banned from the Tidy Desk Award Night ceremony venue entirely. His particular brand of chaos is perhaps indicative of the brilliance of the man, as an ordered workspace would clearly be too simple a mountain to climb each morning.

Picture a man hurtling down a ski-slope, glass of red in one hand and tennis racquet in the other, vociferously advocating for the rights of the marmots he passes, unsafe as their workplace would clearly be. That fairly sums up Matt in his downtime.

For the Record

  • Bachelor of Laws - University of Queensland
  • Management Committee - Prisoners' Legal Service
  • Management Committee - Caxton Legal Centre Inc
  • Two terms as a Practitioner Member - Legal Practice Tribunal

Professional Experience

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Property Law
  • Employment Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Family Law
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